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Please print or save this information to refer to if your connection is down.

Wireless Antenna Customers - Common Equipment

The most important piece of equipment that we install in your home is a very small box called a PoE. This provides power for your antenna and brings the Internet into your home.


All PoEs have three connections:

1. PoE

2. LAN

3. Power

The different types of PoE currently in use by Telitec are pictured here;
Each one of them has a power connector for the mains supply. As well as this each one has a connection for LAN and for PoE, (on the gray half-moon shaped version, P+DATA OUT means PoE and DATA IN means LAN).

The cable coming inside your house from the antenna outside connects to PoE and from LAN will be another cable going into your home and usually connecting to your router.

You can see that the writing is often printed in the same colour plastic as the box and it might be difficult to see. If you call Support they will often need you to identify the connectors- you may need a torch.

Note: usually there is a light to indicate power- but some designs (like the first one below) don't have a light.


Please ensure that the correct power adapter is plugged in to the PoE and that it is plugged into the wall - you should plug the adapter into a different socket that you know to be working, or plug something else that you know to be working into the same socket, to check that there is no problem with the sockets themselves.

Please also touch the power adapter and check that it is warm. Some of the PoEs pictured here have LEDs (small lights) which show when they are receiving power correctly.

If the LED is not lit or the power adapter is cold, please contact Telitec Support (see below).

If everything above has been checked and you still have a problem, the CPE should be rebooted. To do this, please unplug the PoE power (usually a round cable as below) and leave it unplugged for 2 minutes, then plug it back in and wait 2 minutes.


Wireless routers

These split your Internet (like switches), but also provide wireless networks for your WiFi devices.

These are some of the wireless routers that we have provided:

Image Image Image Image

In the event of Internet or WiFi problems please reboot your router by unplugging the power cable for about thirty seconds.

Please check that the power light and the Internet light are lit, and that numbered lights on the front corresponding to numbered ports on the back are lit for any devices which are plugged into those ports.

IMPORTANT: Each router has an Input socket, usually called WAN or Internet. To this should be connected the cable from LAN of the PoE.
The other sockets on the router are for connecting computers, VoIP adapters, etc.


These split your Internet to allow several computers to connect.

Below is a selection of switches that we use:

Image Image Image Image

Again, please check that any power adapters are plugged in correctly and that they are not cold.

In the event of problems, reboot any switches you have by unplugging the power cable for about thirty seconds and if this does not help, please carry on with the steps below.

All of our switches should have an LED lit for power and numbered LEDs on the front corresponding to numbered ports on the back - each cable plugged in should have a corresponding LED lit. If the power LED or any of the corresponding numbered LEDs are not lit on any of your switches after rebooting, please contact Telitec Support (see below).

VoIP adapter

These allow your telephone to connect to our service.

These are the VoIP adapters which we use:

Image Image

In the event of problems please reboot your VoIP adapter/s by unplugging the power cable for about thirty seconds.

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